Greenbio Solution

The Greenbio guiding principles:


All Greenbio products are based on scientific research and clinical studies, including unique delivery systems.

Good Corporate Governance / Operational Excellence

Greenbio adheres to the strictest Corporate Governance practices in line with legislation from the various countries that it operates in.


Greenbio is committed to a long term supply of high quality products to the market and will educate users in the use of the products.

Precision Agriculture and Cultivation

Greenbio uses innovative automation, robotics and artificial Intelligence to increase yields and to reduce pricing, using Greenbio’s unique strains

Patient Centric pioneering R&D

Greenbio uses unique strains for specific identified diseases, for humans and animals

Experienced Team and Strong Brand

Greenbio Executives and management teams have significant experience in the various sectors in which it operates.


Why Australia?

Clean Green image


Highly regulated, therefore trusted for high quality products


Allows exports to the rest of the world – the local market is small, hence why export ability is very important


Investors view Australia as a safe market to invest in


Stable economy


Very focused on R&D, with many Government Grants available


At the forefront of medical related research


Geographically Australia is part of the massive Asia-Pacific market, with billions of people to feed and keep healthy – Australia is a very trusted brand in this region


Australia’s first-world infrastructure ideal to launch global expansion and distribution