About us

Greenbio is a high-tech Australian company, based in Brisbane and New South Wales, Australia. Greenbio’s goal is to become a major supplier of organic/hydroponically grown products for the food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as pharmaceutical grade cannabis for the human health and veterinary industries in Australia and overseas.

Greenbio’s mission is to improve the overall wellbeing of humans and their animals through the supply of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical grade products,  including the treatment of selected health conditions.

Greenbio’s aim is to produce high quality, dependable and clinically validated medicines and other wellness products for human and animal use. We aim to establish the Australian (and International) medical and health care communities trust in these products.

All Greenbio IP are defendable, properly registered and trademarked. There is a pipeline of medicine and health related applications.

We have forged key relationships with partners globally, especially in R&D and Manufacturing and Distribution.

This private company consists of a team of Australian entrepreneurs and business owners with significant expertise in the agricultural, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries, including relevant partner-businesses that will supply infrastructure and expertise to ensure success in a relatively short period of time.

Greenbio’s processing centre is available as a “service” to industry partners to make use of our highly licenced (ODC/GMP/TGA/FZANZ/APVMA ) and secure facility for extraction, R&D, manufacturing and distribution.