The Greenbio processing  centre is under construction, and will have the following facilities (that will also be available “as a service” for industry partners and farmers):

Indoor cultivation pods for medicinal grade plant cultivation, with cloning and tissue culture facilities.

Extraction facilities – Extraction delivering natural phyto-activity (hydrophilic cellular extraction), accessing natural molecules and water-soluble blueprints of the actives in plants, and CO2 Extraction as an alternative, with separate organic facilities. We should be able to deliver 10 tons of native extracts/oil per month with ease.

Laboratories (R&D and formulations) For humans and animals, validated testing centre (per batch), large library of Australian botanical extracts available (with medicinal properties).

Manufacturing (up to schedule 8 manufacturing) for medicines, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and food.

Distribution & Warehousing – Secure warehouse & distribution centre, pack and send, receiving and exporting of medicinal material.

(Licences/certifications = ODC/GMP/TGA/FZANZ/APVMA (animals)/NICS (AICS)/ISO9001-2015/HACCP)

R&D to develop:

  • Product delivery systems
  • Advanced molecular chemistry skills are used to develop and validate functional foods and nutraceuticals.
  • Development of specific formulations and production protocols.
  • The scientific verification, QA tools, methods and standards utilised in developing our products is the cornerstone to our pathway to market
Formulations of:

  • Medicines
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Food and Drinks
Greenbio’s Clinical Trial strategy:

  • Establish Greenbio brand as credible
  • Earn credibility with Governments and the medical community when entering new markets
  • Generate data to inform treatments
  • Create optionality to register or license medicines if they are found to be safe and efficacious
  • Partner with Governments and research institutions (like Universities) who already have infrastructure and skills for research

Greenbio’s clinical trails are supported by a Medical Advisory Board who:

  • Participate in the clinical trail selection process
  • Provide additional credibility as clinical trial participants
  • Connect appropriate research bodies in the specific fields selected