Agritech Strategy

It is Greenbio’s vision to create ‘personalised medicines’ and ‘personalised food’. The millions of cells that make up our endocannabinoid system vary widely across individuals, making it necessary to develop scientifically validated personalised medicines and food. Greenbio’s strategy is focused on developing precision agri-biotech solutions, based on the following:

1.Develop personalised and regenerative medicine and functional food’ from plant extracts (cannabis, native plants, herbs and vegetables), based on DNA analysis and health records

2.Provide newly developed automated vertical growth systems within the protective cropping industry

3.Provide an ODC and TGA licenced processing centre ‘as a service’ to farmers, producers and processors, cannabis companies, health care providers, etc.

4.Develop IP formulations and clinical indications for functional foods, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and medicinal products

5.Leverage existing global distribution channels for these products