We have constructed and operate a 600m2 vertical hydroponics facility in Redlands, Brisbane for research purposes. This growing system accommodates 25,000 plants and has the equivalent productivity of a 2500m2 conventional hydroponic greenhouse. Water usage is less than 50% of a standard greenhouse equipped with horizontal hydroponics, requiring only 24% of the footprint. This facility is being used for further development in robotics and automation, in conjunction with the local university robotic team.

As a result of our research, we developed newly patented vertical grow systems with the benefit of:

Further value-add of our mobile grow systems include:

  • Urban agriculture, close to markets
  • Level of job creation in line with automation
  • Production flow optimisation
  • Establish a production line in food growing, harvesting and processing
  • Functional areas for specific activities
  • Automation advantages
  • Limit external cross-contamination from external influences
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