Processing Centre

The Greenbio processing centre is under construction, and will include the following facilities and capabilities (that will also be available ‘as a service’ for industry partners and farmers):

Indoor cultivation pods for medicinal grade plant cultivation, with cloning and tissue culture facilities.

Extraction facilities – Extraction delivering natural phyto-activity (hydrophilic cellular extraction), accessing natural molecules and water-soluble blueprints of the actives in plants, and CO2 Extraction as an alternative, with separate organic facilities. The facility will have the capability to process and produce 10 tons of native extracts/oil per month.

Laboratories (R&D and formulations) For humans and animals, validated testing centre (per batch), large library of Australian botanical extracts available (with medicinal properties)

Manufacturing (up to schedule 8 manufacturing) for medicines, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and food.

Distribution & Warehousing – Secure warehouse & distribution centre, pack and send, receiving and exporting of medicinal products.

(Licences/certifications = ODC/GMP/TGA/FZANZ/APVMA (animals)/NICS (AICS)/ISO9001-2015/HACCP)