Robotics & Automation

Team members have strong technical backgrounds from various industries, and, as such, bring a novel fresh perspective to the food and health industry.  Our technology will bring food production into cities, on a small or large scale (paddock to plate concept).

Our business model for “Next generation protected cropping” demands advanced automation and informatics solutions.   Foundation projects include co-investment in pollination automation, remote phenotyping using machine vision as well as specific engineering solutions for our growing systems to maximize overall production efficiency with regards to labour, water and power usage.  Advanced engineering and horticultural expertise, and rapid prototyping methodology is critical to achieving R&D milestones for our automated cropping facilities.

The developed Greenbio product will include:

  • a fully automated vertical hydroponic growing system,
  • an indoor automated grow facility using climate cell technology.

Our technology can bring food production into cities, on a small or large scale (paddock to plate concept) and will be available for purchase by industry clients worldwide.

Further, intensive protected cropping is ideal for creating inputs to a high specification, elaborately processed goods, in our target precision health product categories. We see food security as a combination of optimised growing through innovative technology to minimise external impacts and optimum nutritional value per square meter of cultivation area.