Personalised Medicine

Greenbio leverages DNA and machine learning to generate custom cannabis-health reports for individuals. The algorithm looks at an individual’s genome and scans over 150 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that can impact their cannabis consumption. We look at over 300 biomarkers (SNPs x Allele variants). We also add additional integrated cannabinoids, terpene and flavonoid testing data on strains and products.

We are also developing our own Greenbio nutritional report, based on the same DNA panel.

DNA Analysis

  • Greenbio saliva test
  • Use of previous DNA analysis reports, such as Ancestry etc.

Cannabinoid Report

  • Contains recommendations on which cannabinoids should be used
  • Recommend existing products if available in-country



  • Personalised cocktails of compounds will be created from natural molecules in Greenbio’s processing centre
  • Formulations of extracted cannabinoids, native extracts and foods
  • All developed by Greenbio’s on-site compounding pharmacist


Dispatch Personalised Medicines

  • Dispatched from Greenbio’s processing centre, or the client can purchase the product through us from other suppliers
  • Local and global orders and distribution